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You can submit a Health Survey by either completing our on-line Health Survey Form, or by downloading, completing, and mailing the PDF version of the Health Survey FormPDF file.

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2009 Revised GPCA Health Survey

The Great Pyrenees Club of America has revised a confidential health survey for GPCA breeders and Great Pyrenees owners, for the purpose of identifying diseases and health conditions (both genetic and otherwise) that affect the breed.

The survey will assist the GPCA Health Committee in determining the best use of GPCA-donated health funds for health research. In addition, it will serve as a tool to determine CHIC participation requirements. The 2009 revised survey still consists of only two pages — page one will remain with an independent tabulator for record-keeping purposes, and page two will go to the GPCA health database manager, Catherine de la Cruz. The revised survey has been changed to offer information to the Health Committee as to which outreach efforts are resulting in responses, and to discourage any ancillary information that could compromise confidentiality.