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The Great Pyrenees Club of America has developed a Longevity Award Program to recognize Great Pyrenees who have reached the age of ten (10) years or older. The purpose of the program is to provide recognition to Great Pyrenees who has reached advanced age and to gather important health information. Obtaining health information about the longest lived of the Great Pyrenees will assist the GPCA Health Committee in determining the primary health problems affecting the breed.

Program Description/Eligibility

Membership in the GPCA or an Affiliated Regional Club is not required for an owner to apply for the award. However, owners of Great Pyrenees living in foreign countries must be a member of the GPCA. Any Great Pyrenees whose age can be verified and is age 10 or greater is eligible to apply for the award. Application for the program is also available posthumously.

A Longevity Certificate (LC) number will be assigned to each Great Pyrenees attaining the certification and the longevity information will be retained by the program administrator. Living Great Pyrenees will be issued a certificate with a number ending in -L. When this dog passes away, the owner or breeder can send verification of the date of death to the program administrator and a second and final certificate will be issued. The final certificate will retain the original number and the ending designation will be changed to -D. For example, a certificate is issued at age 10 & receives the number 103-L and lives to age 13, a new certificate will be issued with the number 103-D. The longevity information will be updated to show the age of the dog at the time of death. Great Pyrenees deceased at the time of the application will automatically be assigned a number ending in -D.

Applicants are encouraged to nominate any Great Pyrenees that have verifiable information, including those who lived long ago. Verification of the date of birth will consist of a copy of the registration papers from the American Kennel Club (AKC) or a registry recognized by the American Kennel Club, including but not limited to: the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC), the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI), and the Kennel Club of Great Britain. Since many companion Great Pyrenees are not individually registered or were adopted through a Rescue organization or other means, verification of the date of birth or the age at the time the dog was acquired can also be made by supplying a copy of the sales or adoption contract which includes confirmation of the dog's age. Verification of the date of death or current living status of a Great Pyrenees can be made by obtaining a written statement from a veterinarian or a GPCA Member in good standing (other than the owner(s)/or breeder(s) of record). At the discretion of the Program Administrator, memorial ads or information from the GPCA archives will be acceptable documentation.

Application Process

To apply for a GPCA Longevity Award please submit a completed application. With the following documentation: 1. A copy of the registration certificate, or a copy of sales/ adoption contract with the dog's estimated age at the time of adoption (do not send originals as the documents will not be returned); 2. Current status (living or deceased - refer to the above paragraphs for means of verification of status). and 3. Mail a completed health survey to the Independent Tabulator. To update a certificate for a dog that has a Longevity Certificate, provide verification of the date of death and send an updated health survey to the independent tabulator. For those Great Pyrenees that lived long ago, the completion of a health survey will be optional, although encouraged for the health committee Database. Health information obtained for our longest lived Pyrenees will assist the GPCA Health Committee in determining the most prevalent health problems affecting our breed. Recognition of the dogs, as well as their owners/breeders will be published in the GPCA Bulletin and posted on the Health Committee website on an annual basis. A summary report describing the number of Great Pyrenees, their status and age information will be provided to the membership on an annual basis.

Completed applications should be sent to the Longevity Program Administrator:

Flo Laicher
RD 12
286 Dixon Rd.
Carmel, NY 10512-9812