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New updates October 2021

The GPCA Health Committee would like to offer clarification regarding the test for dwarfism in Great Pyrenees. There is apparently some confusion about the labs that are able to conduct the test. Currently there is only one lab that can definitively let you know if your dog is affected, a carrier or cleared for this defect.  This test is offered through the University of Minnesota.  If anyone is testing for dwarfism through one of the big testing sites, the results will not give you the information that you seek.   There are many forms of dwarfism in canines and some of the big labs can test for them. However they are not able to test for the specific change in the genetic code that produces dwarfism in Great Pyrenees.
The test can be found at the following address: Great Pyrenees Health Panel, College of Veterinary Medicine-University of Minnesota (
Peggy Watson and Flo Laicher

GPCA Funded Project – Dwarfism Marker 2020 Final Report PDF file


New updates July 2020

2020 Champion of Health


Canine Health Foundation Research Updates

We have received progress reports on a number of the projects that we are supporting. These reports take up considerable print space in the Bulletin.  Since we now have the website update continuing, the reports will be posted as PDFs under the section on GPCA Grants, Funded Research and Studies, reports.

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Special Gratitude to Our Donors

On behalf of the GPCA Health Committee we acknowledge our members and friends who have been so generous in their donations. We have dedicated a special section to express our gratitude in assisting us in maintaining the health of our beloved breed.

Other News in Canine Health

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Up-to-date information on pet food recalls, new drugs approved for veterinary medicine or links to pet health research and other resources from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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